Success Does Not Have Any Secrets

different industriesAs you may have heard, or considering yourself personally, there is a huge movement of people who are leaving many different industries, including doctors, lawyers and corporate types, in favor of the marketing industry. Why? They see the options that exist today into the future are more abundant than ever, so these educated individuals are actively searching for another source of revenue!slideshow3

Now I’m not a doctor, lawyer or corporate type. As an event planner I was doing pretty good, but then the economy changed drastically! And until I took advantage of this big break I was probably like you living paycheck to paycheck doing odd side jobs wondering how I was ever going to make ends meet! Thank God for this big break! 


Today I enjoy the fruits of success and one of the things I love to do now is help people like you make a smooth transition into this once in a lifetime opportunity. Success does not have any secrets! However, failure’s big secret is getting you to believe it does! 

profit-road-sign-580x433 With that said, based on my own experience in business and life, chances are, you will profit from the following information I have put together for your success!


Thanks to vital members of our team I have edited some short YouTube videos for you. Watch and listen to all five or just one, however all of these messages will be extremely informative and bring you up to speed quickly.

The first video is presented by Frank Kimbrough, Platinum Senior Vice President.


Frank and Nicole Kimbrough

The second video is presented by Jason Guck, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Sales.


Listen to Jason’s 3 minute opportunity presentation at (585) 420-4582

The third video is presented by Allan Taunan, Platinum Senior VP.


Find Allan on Facebook and LinkedIn

The fourth video is presented by Dwayne JohnsonPlatinum Senior VP. dwayne-johnson

Listen to Dwayne’s 3 minute opportunity presentation at (786) 522-3605

And the fifth video is a new 2014 thorough opportunity presentation by 5LINX.


In closing, there are 3 types of people who see this opportunity. 


Number 1 says, “Great, but it’s not for me”. If this opportunity is not your cup of tea, no harm, no foul. However, don’t just take my word for it. Do some due diligence yourself; search the internet for more facts about this opportunity, because I think we can agree that you owe it to yourself to appreciate all the possibilities. 


Number 2 says, “Great, I have questions”. Send me your name and email in the Contact Form below and I will answer all of your questionsrelationships_tab01_02

Number 3 says, “GREAT! Let’s get started today!” If what you see and hear makes sense, send me your name, email and phone number in the Contact Form below and I will contact you personally, and then we will schedule a date and time to meet face to face where we can begin a warm and friendly lifelong relationship, discuss our future goals, and capitalize on one of the largest shifts of wealth in the industry. banner-jasonguck

WELCOME TO 5LINX® – The Premier Home Based Business Opportunity! I am looking for some new business partners and some new customers! That’s how our business grows! 

We are worth your time!


RayRay Lovett, President

Ray’s 5LINX Virtual Office

Call (719) 225-4732


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Celebrations Singing Telegrams AUDITIONS at Benny’s


Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenades is proud to announce we are having open auditions at Benny’s Restaurant & Lounge on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 PM


Benny’s Restaurant & Lounge is at 517 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905


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For more information about Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenades, including booking your exceptional event, auditions, and special military and senior citizen discounts, contact Rebecca Searle at cell number (707) 816-7477 or email at

Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenades is a collaboration of Lovett Enterprises
Ray Lovett, President
Rebecca Searle, CEO
Lovett Enterprises
PO Box 362
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
(719) 213-9827

Happy New Year 2014

New-Year-2014-Quotic-Images (1)


Happy New Year 2014 from all at Lovett Enterprises, Gotta Lovett Promotions and Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams and Serenade!


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Ray_RebeccaRay Lovett and Rebecca Searle

Founders of Lovett Enterprises


Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams and Serenade


Lovett Enterprises and Gotta Lovett Promotions are extremely proud to announce our newest endeavor for 2014: Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade!


Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade is the ONLY interactive personal greetings company that creates memories to last a lifetime in Colorado Springs!


With this announcement, Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade is having OPEN AUDITIONS for all types of talent, especially actors, singers and theater performers. Auditions will begin in 2014!


One of our biggest upcoming events will be in February for Valentine’s Day


More to come from Lovett Enterprises, Gotta Lovett Promotions and Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade in 2014!


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We are proud to announce the Grand Opening for Lovett Enterprises!

Plus, during the Grand Opening, we are recruiting some new team members like you to benefit and enjoy success!


The compensation is awesome, and the reward is simply built upon your drive to succeed!

For more information listen to a three minute opportunity presentation by Jason Guck, 5LINX Co-Founder at phone number (585) 420-4582

Allan Taunan (2)

Allan Taunan, 5LINX Platinum Senior Vice President and Ray Lovett

photo (1)

Come celebrate our Grand Opening at our new Colorado Springs office at 3806 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, on Saturday, December, 14th at 2:00 PM

You Deserve To Be Here!

Ray Lovett

Lovett Enterprises

5Linx Virtual Office