Celebrations Singing Telegrams

Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenades

From the Sophisticated to the Outrageous


Lovett Enterprises and Gotta Lovett Promotions are extremely proud to announce the introduction of our newest partnership: Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade!


Celebrations Singing Telegrams is Colorado Springs newest interactive personal greetings creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Western Union public relations director George P. Oslin is credited with thinking of, and sending, the first singing telegram. Ironically, it was during the Great Depression in July 1933 that Oslin talked Lucille Lipps into singing Happy Birthday to Rudy Vallee.


Celebrations Singing Telegrams are a hilarious way to send a message that is a lot more interactive and personal than sending a fax, email, instant message or greeting card. Our professional talent will be happy to sing, dance, or act out your message to the recipient. They’ll even dress up to do it, in anything from a tuxedo and top hat to a guerrilla suit!


Celebrations Singing Telegrams spread cheer by bringing laughs into the workplace, home, public engagement or party. You can hire ‘Marilyn Monroe’ to sing Happy Birthday to your boss, or ‘Elvis’ to sing All Shook Up to your wife on your 10th anniversary! Let her know you still find her sexy in a creative and funny way! Is a friend feeling a little down after a break up? Invite her to coffee at your favorite java hut at a prearranged time. Imagine her reaction when a man walks in, stops, take a second look at her, and breaks into chorus!


Celebrations Singing Telegrams can be a hoot, especially when personalized. You can write the words yourself, usually by changing the lyrics to a well-known song. Want to congratulate someone who already thinks he’s one bad dude for a promotion? Have ‘Eminem’ rap lyrics you’ve penned about just how cool this guy is. Singing telegrams make everyone laugh at themselves and with each other. After all, no one seems as ridiculous as the person doing the singing!


Depending on the service, Celebrations Singing Telegrams might be delivered a cappella or with a portable CD player for accompaniment. Every service has its own staff and options, so pick a service that can deliver the telegram you have in mind, or ask the service about their most successful or funniest singing telegrams. Many services also offer balloons, flowers, or other gifts (for an additional fee) with the Celebrations Singing Telegrams.


For more information about Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenades contact Gotta Lovett Promotions

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